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We specialize in helping people buy, sell and rent properties in the Amsterdam region of North Holland by providing high quality and personalized service.  27 House Real Estate focuses primarily on expatriates who are living in or relocating to The Netherlands while 27 Huis Makelaars specializes in providing real estate services to the Dutch community.  Our professional, low pressure and personalized service includes a unique combination of native English and Dutch speakers who specialize in working with Expats.  Put our knowledge and experience to work for you!

We can also help you with mortgages, renovations, property management and much more.  Let our network become your network!

Despite the EU economic crisis, 27 Huis has continued to prosper and grow each year and are successfully helping our clients Buy, Sell, & Rent and Helping them make all the right moves!

What is “27 Huis”?

After much brainstorming and discussions for the right name to represent our agency which would focus on both Dutch and Expat clients, we found ourselves outside of our office staring at our building where we saw "27 HS", our address (on the Nieuwe Leliestraat), on the door. In Amsterdam, "HS" or "Huis" is used to represent the ground floor of a building. With Huis/House sounding very similar in both Dutch and English and being so excited and proud of our new office and its location, our name was found!

Charles and the 27 Huis Real Estate Team have been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, Podcats, radio and TV shows including:

* The Financial Times
* The New York Times
* Bloomberg News

* House Hunters International TV show (23 episodes and counting!)
* Live Here, Buy This!  Tv Show
* House Hunters International: Renovations TV show 
* AT5 TV News

* International Herald Tribune
* Time Out Amsterdam
* Great Homes and Destinations
* Het Parool
* De Telegraaf
* Webkrant Jordaan & Gouden Reael
* Expat Buddy

               * BNR Radio

* ...and many more!

Check out our website and/or below for full media links including the HGTV website for more details and to view episodes (some locations are blocked due to broadcasting rights):













      We look forward to Helping you make all the right moves!